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The next generation of advanced teeth whitening technology!

A big thanks to Dr. Brightsmile, the teeth whitening treatment has made a massive difference to my teeth... I have recommended you to my sister! :)
Dr. Brightsmile - The Procedure
Our Advanced Kit uses a Cheek Retractor & an Applicator Pen with 16% hydrogen peroxide instead of a mouth tray & a syringe. We apply the gel directly on to your teeth using a pen that looks just like a touch-up pen. This way, there is nothing (such as a tray) interfering between the light & the gel on your teeth. Most Dentist use this approach but with a higher concentration of gel & they actually apply the gel to your teeth after applying a gingival protector.

Advantages of our Advanced Kit
  1. It is more effective because the gel has a 16% hydrogen peroxide concentration (the highest concentration in the market for cosmetic teeth whitening outside of a Dentist office). With the tray system the highest you can safely use is 12% hydrogen peroxide. 16% in a mouth tray will cause a lot of gum irritation.
  2. There is no mouth tray interfering between the light & the teeth. Even if the mouth tray is clear, it still refracts the light & can result in uneven whitening.
  3. It's safer because you apply the gel directly to your teeth. This prevents the gel from squeezing onto the gums so there is NO gum irritation or sensitivity even at 16% H2O2.
  4. It's more comfortable because the cheek retractor keeps your mouth open without any effort. With the tray system, you would have to strain to keep smiling & many people can’t expose their teeth completely to the light even when they smile, so they get uneven results.

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